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Welcome to the download page for DBDocumentor.  The current version is 4.50, and if you are using an older version, you are encouraged to upgrade.  There is a 30 day time limit for you to perform your evaluation, but should it be necessary to continue the evaluation beyond 30 days a temporary license is available.  Evaluation versions are not able to process more than 10 files (or 10 SQL objects whichever comes first), will not be able to place your organizations copyright notice on the output, will not be able to out SQLDocumentation XML output files, and will not be able to use the command line batch processor unless working with a registered version.  Verify the system requirements here.

DBDocumentor version 4.21 is the first version of DBDocumentor to be digitally signed.  We taken the extra step of digitally signing our binaries to provide you, our potential and valued customers, with greater confidence that the applications you are downloading were produced by Pikauba Software.  If you find a version of DBDocumentor produced after October 1, 2006 without a digital signature, please contact us.  

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