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At present there are three products within the Pikauba Software product suite.  Each of these products can be purchased independently.  If you are interested in bundle pricing, please contact sales.

ASPHelp - ASP Web Page Documentation Tool

ASPHelp is an indispensable tool for documenting Active Server Page based web sites.  Processing the raw ASP files, it is able to determine the data flow between pages, the object and method usage within the pages, and provide a detailed report in CHM format on how the web site operates.  Complete coverage of all code paths is possible given that ASPHelp does not actually run the code, but determines the potential inbound and outbound page transitions.

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ASPHelp is geared towards:

Purchase a single user copy for $85

DBDocumentor - SQL Database Documentation Tool

DBDocumentor is a SQL database documentation tool for SQL databases.  It supports the SQL dialects from Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and below, Firebird 1.5 and 2.0, and Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere.  It processes the SQL scripts defining the database and the objects within the database to produce reference documentation.  It can produce comprehensive, cross referenced reference documentation describing the data views, functions, indices (indexes), procedures, tables, triggers, user defined types and security roles making up the fabric of your database solution.

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DBDocumentor is geared towards:

Purchase a single user copy for $160 Purchase a domain user license for $850

SQLHelp - SQL Stored Procedure Documentation Tool

SQLHelp is a database documentation tool describing the stored procedure usage in a given database.  SQLHelp produces a subset of the documentation available from DBDocumentor, specifically reporting on stored procedure usage.  It is targeted at the same audience as DBDocumentor.

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Purchase a single user copy for $75

The Ultimate Debt Manager

The Ultimate Debt Manager is a debt management and reduction tool designed to handle the complex financial situations of today's American family.  Through its simple, easy to use user interface you can quickly determine the impact of your financial decisions and optimize your debt management strategy.

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