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Version 2.21

ASPHelp is a documentation tool allowing developers of active server pages, QA professionals, and  information architects the ability to document the paths of execution, including parameters passed, for the ASP and HTML web pages of their web sites.  ASPHelp produces industry standard HTML Help documentation familiar to virtually all developers working with Microsoft toolsets.  In documenting the pages as you design them, and by defining an interface contract for your pages, you can ensure the stability and reliability of your web application.

Object oriented design techniques have existed for some time, and they all have a guiding principle of defining the interfaces to objects, and adhering to those interfaces, often called contracts.  In the world of the web, the interfaces we often need to be concerned with revolve around how information gets transferred from one page of a site to another.  What are the expected input parameters to a page, and what is their access method?  Are values passed in GETs or POSTs, or are they passed in a cookie or a session variable?  Does the page redirect to another, or perhaps more than one page, depending upon the path of ASP execution.

ASPHelp bridges this gap.  As explained on the benefits page and the features page, you can use ASPHelp to document the input parameters, session variables, application variables, redirection points, forms and anchors on your pages, without actually writing the ASP.  The resultant documentation can be turned over to the presentation tier developers to develop the actual script required for the page.

By paralleling the development efforts, and ensuring interface contracts exist, the time to market for the application, and the quantity of hard to find bugs are both reduced.  Increased code quality, consistency of code, and efficiency of development time all translate into lower development costs, and allow for earlier time to market, which makes you, and your clients money.

Ultimately, you need to determine if ASPHelp offers the level of service you desire, but given its low cost of ownership, even saving a few hours of development time makes the return on investment high.

Version 2.21 Bug Fixes

Version 2.20 Feature Enhancements

In addition to several bug fixes, version 2.20 of ASPHelp has feature enhancements.

Version 2.10 Feature Enhancements

Version 2.10 contains both new functionality and resolves several bugs present in version 2.01.  The following list summarizes the new functionality.

Version 2.10 Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes were implemented in version 2.10.  As always, if you encounter functionality believed to be a bug, don't hesitate to communicate your findings with us.

Version 2.01 Bug fixes

Version 2.01 is a bug fix release.  The bugs fixed occur in three distinct areas.  

Version 2.0 Feature Enhancements

Version 2.0 is a major update to the ASPHelp documentation tool.  While many of the functional areas are familiar, the capabilities of the product are greatly expanded.  Some of the new functional elements include:

Version 1.7 Enhancements

Version 1.7 includes minor bug fixes and a modified user interface to better deal with long path names during the project selection process.  The most significant bug fix relates to support for the installation method used in the HTML Help workshop included with Visual Studio .NET.

Version 1.6 Enhancements

Version 1.6 sees several significant additions to the ASPHelp feature set, including linkage between SQLHelp and ASPHelp, and the ability to annotate file methods.

The following changes were made between version 1.5 and version 1.6:

Version 1.5 Enhancements

Version 1.5 sees the introduction of project files and a greatly enhanced capability to define interfaces in the absence of actual ASP or HTML, making ASPHelp perfect for interface design specification.

The following changes were made between version 1.4 and version 1.5:

Bug Fixes:


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