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SQLHelp produces database documentation for the stored procedures in your database project.  The documentation includes the input parameters, their types and directions, output result sets, executed procedures, return values, and transactional nature, independent of the path of execution.  Extended capabilities include declarative procedure grouping, hyperlinked executed procedure access and query analyzer style syntax color coding.  All documentation is generated via SQL batch files and requires no active database connection.

SQLHelp produced documentation is ideal as printed database documentation for clients, online access for middle tier developers to develop against a documented database interface and quality assurance efforts to ensure consistent coding guidelines are followed.  SQLHelp documentation can also be produced at the beginning of projects to help define the interface contract between the database layer and its consumers. 

In documenting the procedures as you design them, and by defining an interface contract, you can ensure the stability and reliability of your end application.  Extending upon existing capabilities, version 2.42 of SQLHelp contains a number of enhancements that make the job of effectively documenting your SQL procedures even easier.

Object oriented design techniques have existed for some time, and they all have a guiding principle of defining the interfaces to objects, and adhering to those interfaces, often called contracts.  Database procedures offer the capability to define SQL interfaces, but tools to actually document the interface are few and far between.

SQLHelp bridges this gap.  As explained on the benefits page and the features page, you can use SQLHelp to document the input parameters, return values, and output result sets for a database procedure, without actually writing the SQL.  The resultant documentation can be turned over to middle tier or presentation tier developers as appropriate to develop against.

By paralleling the development efforts, and ensuring interface contracts exist, the time to market for the application, and the quantity of hard to find bugs are both reduced.  Increased code quality, consistency of code, and efficiency of development time all translate into lower development costs, and allow for earlier time to market, which makes you, and your clients money.

Ultimately, you need to determine if SQLHelp offers the level of service you desire, but given its low cost of ownership, even saving a few hours of development time makes the return on investment high.

Version 2.42 Changes

Version 2.42 contains only bug fixes.  Specifically:

Version 2.41 Enhancements

Version 2.41 contains only bug fixes.  Specifically:

Version 2.40 Enhancements

Version 2.40 contains several bug fixes, as well as new functionality.

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